Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our First, but really second, Brazilian Thanksgiving

Okay, so we recently remembered that last year, before we even knew we were moving to Brazil, we came to visit over the US Thanksgiving holiday. So really it's our second Thanksgiving. But the first time we celebrated with North American food. Toby's Mom brought us canned cranberries and canned sweet potatoes. Thank goodness (and thank her!), because cranberries are one of my favorites, and they are nowhere to be found down here. You can get sweet potatoes, but they're a different type. Not orange. Purple on the outside and white on the inside. They taste similar, but wouldn't look quite right, you know?

Toby grilled a little baby turkey on the Green Egg. Turkeys are pretty expensive down here. I'm not sure why. Chickens are SUPER cheap. So I can't figure out why a turkey would cost so much. Oh well. But I thought the photo below was a nice view of our grill on our porch with the ocean behind. Not your usual Thanksgiving. 

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