Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maracaipe and Sports

New beach! Toby took me to Maracaipe (there's an accent on that i. I'm not sure how to do accents here...) a few weeks back. It's pretty beautiful, very isolated (or rather, can be isolated if you walk far enough). Looks like a great place to learn how to surf. No rocks, the waves are small...so maybe we'll try sometime soon? 

We've also got a lot of kite surfing going on around our area. We're thinking about trying that out. Apparently though, there's quite a bit of learning and safety practice beforehand. There are reefs (and sharks!) and lots of wind and currents, so I guess they just don't want you to get stuck out on a reef and eaten by a shark. So unless they're taught in english...haha....I could probably understand in portuguese.

Also! One more outdoor activity that we're looking into trying. There's a weekly bike ride that goes from the beaches near our house into the heart of Recife. It's sponsored by the city and they block off a section of the streets, have traffic guards and such. Looks like a really nicely put together event. They have bikes for rent, all sorts of stuff. Not too much is very organized here, so we're pretty excited to try it. Organization. Who knew it would be so exciting?

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