Monday, May 14, 2012

Haircut time

Every three years or so I cut my hair and donate to whatever organization says they'll do their best to provide reasonably priced natural hair wigs for children with cancer. When we moved here it was about time, but not quite. The other night I told Toby that I thought next time we go back to the states I'd get it cut, and his answer was: Why don't I cut it? So I let Toby cut my hair. He did the big chopping and a little straightening out in the back, but I did most of the front. It looks pretty good! I've had three people cut my hair for donation, and so far only one has been a professional. But the amateurs do a pretty good job too.
Then, the next day Toby said he wanted to cut his hair too. We went with a mohawk at first, but now it's just a normal buzz cut. We are both much cooler without all that hair heating up our heads.

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