Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The mighty apartment garden

Before we moved here I thought I would build a garden on top of our parking garage. From the googlemap view it looked like a nice flat surface that if people let me, I could build a sweet rooftop garden on. But now that I've looked at it I know it's not a good place for a garden. So for now I have a teeny weeny porch garden going. We haven't figured out a lot of things, gardening is one of them. I bought some fresh black eyed peas from the grocery store (produce here is the best!) and planted a few, just to see if they'd grow. They did. Yippee! And the mint I bought from the store for like USD$1 is growing like a weed! What's that you say? Mint is a weed? I knew that, it was a joke. Here are some pictures.
Oh, and I labeled the house. The next post will have some pictures of that.
Like those TP tube planters? On the right tomato volunteers from compost with two papaya seedlings in the middle. I can't decide which to pull out, and which to let grow. The three on the right are black eyed peas.

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