Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Francy, francy, fancy pantsy.

le peace monsieur
So with our Jiu Jitsu gym we get a lot of visitors. It's a pretty well known gym (I guess) and they have a few gyms around the world. So a long time ago there were some Frenchmen, like 10 of them, visiting the gym to train for a month or week or something. We invited them over to the pool, because they'd been just going to the gym and back to the place they were staying. One guy thought our underwater camera was the best thing ever, and he took probably 50 pictures like the one above. We got one group picture, but with the other guy's camera. He said he would email us, but never did. This guy here really wanted his underwater pictures too. Oh well, his loss I guess?

So this is the subject of foreigners. There really aren't many of them here. This week we met  a Brit doing some post-graduate traveling, but mostly coming here to train at the gym (she goes twice a day, so that's what it seems like to me). So we've met her, the Frenchmen, and I met a guy at the Federal Police office (I'm almost all the way to a permanent visa!) from New Zealand...or Australia. I forget, sorry to both of those countries, I get them confused. There is one guy married to a Brazilian and they both go to our gym, he's from Hungary.

Oh, and Toby just reminded me of the last instance of foreigners. Cirque duSoleil was in town for about a month and I met some of them at our grocery store. We have two large, nice hotels near us. I was walking around and, not to stereotype, but Brazilians are sort of smaller, a little darker skinned and normally slight framed. Not too large people. So I saw a group of lighter skinned large folks (and one tiiiiiiny girl and one extremely muscular girl, who I decided must be in the crazy shows) and happened to be behind them in line and struck up a conversation. We never did get together though. Oh well.

So that was just an informative post. Recife=not many foreigners live here (that we've found).

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