Tuesday, July 31, 2012

OH blog!

I've been working working workin! And we had our first non-family visitor last week! So we've been busy, is what I'm saying. We went touring around all last week and hit up all the hotspots: Porto de Galinhas, Olinda, Recife Antigo, some really cute Mexican restaurant (they don't have sour cream in Brazil...every time we eat Mexican I cross my fingers for 'american style' sour cream... No luck so far), we went to....where else... well, we ate food on the beach, worked out at our Jiu Jitsu gym. Just our normal life mostly. ANyway, I'll try and put some of those pictures up in a post soon. But for now, the week before our friend came we tore down our back wall thing. There was a cinderblock grid thing before, and we've got the most amazing view out the back, so TOby and another guy took some sledgehammers and whittled out the thing. We have a window now (it's where our laundry hangs to dry, so we sort of had to have it closed off so that 1. Our undies don't go flying out the window down to the street, and 2. Our laundry doesn't get soaked when it rains).

SO here's the before and after! Pretty right? I know the second picture is of sunset, but during the day you look out over red clay shingled houses to the edge of the city line, where it changes into huge rolling hills of sugarcane. It's sooooo pretty!
BEFORE: Pretty, but you couldn't see how pretty!
AFTER: OooooOoooh!

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