Monday, January 21, 2013

Christmas in Brazil!

Well, we've lived here for a year now (one year this weekend, I'll try and think of a special anniversary post). We managed all the winter holidays here, a relatively American Thanksgiving, Brazilian Christmas, and  just plain old fun New Year's Eve. 

Christmas really summed up the experience. We were supposed to have 15 guests. Family, friends of my Mother in Law (she's originally from this city, so has friends still living here), that's about it. So we bought about 20 people's worth of food. Which for Brazilian Christmas means desserts. I made deviled eggs, my American contribution (people here keep asking me for the recipe. I don't have the heart to say: eggs and mayo!), but the rest was literally all sweets. There was a dish called salpicao (it is deeeelicious) which is mostly deli meat and mayonnaise, but also has dried fruits and pineapple, so it's pretty sweet. Mayo is a little sweeter here too. As is ketchup. But that's a story for another time.

We had a whole chocolate cake, cookies galore, and like a million brazilian snacky things. There is a picture below. This is for 15 people. So we're sitting around, and no one is showing up, but it's Brazil, so we're not expecting anyone to be any less than an hour late. We open all the presents, eat, and some family shows up. 3 people, so that's 7 total. We hang with them for a while, eat, chat, Christmas it up, and then they're off. We're looking at the not-dented-at-all food stash for like four hours, then we decide to hit the beds. This is like 10pm. Maybe 11pm. Either way, later than the hubs and I normally stay awake. I'm brushing my teeth, maybe already into my jammies, and there's a knock on the door. Whaaa, haha? Someone arrived to Christmas like 4 hours late. In the US you'd expect a call or for them to not show up, but this is totally normal here. They didn't eat anything. So we ate the unhealthy (but delicious) Christmas food until New Year's Eve.

Okay, end of story. I hope you all had a merry merry holiday season.

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