Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pontal do Maragogi

Our neighbor owns a really great snorkeling joint. He let us bring some of our recent guests there to check it out, and it was super fun. They take you in pontoon boats out 6km (we definitely don't believe that, it looked like maaaaybe a mile, I'll google earth the distance and let you know) and let you swim in their reefs. As you know, we have reefs off our coast. Recife means reef (it's the city near where we live). So yes, reefs. Ours are like 40 feet off our coast, Maragogi (little city down the coast)'s are apparently 6km off the coast. It's neat swimming in waist deep water that far off the coast.

The water is pretty incredibly blue too. If you visit us, you're likely to see this lovely attraction. While we were out there I saw a new kind of 'Cheerio' coral. This kind of coral below we normally see is like Cheerio size, but this was like bigger than Fruit Loops. Probably...well, I can't think of a bigger cereal. Nice and big though. It was nice to see this new coral. 

There's also all sorts of nice fish, but lately I've been setting down the camera and just taking it in. I'd love to bring some sort of waterproof sketchbook next time I go.

They also give "free scuba lessons", but you pretty much get hooked up to the tank, and a guy with a snorkel and fins swims above you dragging you around. Methinks not work the 30 minutes of sales pitch you'd hear. 

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