Monday, April 30, 2012


Life is sort of calming down for us here. We've settled into nice routines, and I honestly don't have many pictures to show you. So I think I'm going to post on from an old album....because I know you guys are only here to look at our beautiful faces. I don't know, maybe I could make a theme out of this. How about, go see the USA! We drove across the country (okay, Atlanta to was far, but I do realize we missed about 4 hours on the east and a lot more on the west) and it was a blast. We meant to camp the whole way out/back, but only ended up camping once. So...haha, we're trying to do some camping down here. I'm worried about jaguars. Toby's worried about sloths (not really). Okay, okay, back to the subject. While the majority of you live in the US, go see it! Go see the amazing things that country has to offer. We're trying to do the same here, because hot dang, Brazil's got a lot of stuff going on! And the rest of you reading this blog (awesome side note, we have readers from 14 or so countries. weird!) go see your countries! They're probably pretty great! Here's some pictures:
Camping in Illinois
Gateway Arch, St Louis MO  
What do we have here? Amber waves of grain. Sorghum, to be exact. In Kansas.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
Dirt! From 7 states!
Heading back, Continental Divide, in Colorado.
And this here, what is this? Purple mountains majesties, I believe.
Royal Gorge Bridge, which held the title as the highest bridge in the world until 2001. In CO.
Welcome to NM! We hit up 7 states on the way out there, and 7 back. Counting Colorado twice.

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