Monday, August 6, 2012

First Non-Family Visitor!

Last week we had our first friend come visit (oh parents, don't worry, you are our friends too). We took her to all the sights we could think of. Here's a rundown (you know, so you know what you're missing out on).
We took her to Porto de Galinhas, where the fish eat out of your hands (you're not supposed to feed them)
And you can snorkel there too. The water is much clearer there than at our house.
And there is much sealife to be seen. You're not supposed to torment the wildlife, so we gave him a kiss to make him feel better.
One of our favorite things about Porto is watching the vendors. There are tons, usually with very common stuff, but every now and then you come across something original. We saw some eagles made out of shells. We should have taken a picture of them.
And we took her to the Sao Jose market in downtown Recife. Fruits and veggies are waaaay cheaper there, and it's full of touristy stuff.  Sorry for the horrible picture!
And we gave her caldo de cana, which is fresh squeezed sugar cane. It is deeeelicious. If you like sugar water. Which I do. Our friend drank some, but I finished it.
We should have gotten her this chesburg. But we didn't.

Oh and we went for a ride on the boat. It's in ship shape. We've moved it to another location and have lended it out to a local fisherguy in trade for fresh fish every now and then. And we still get to take her out whenever we want. 

Deck needs a little work though.

Oh look at handsome captain Toby!
And we went to another market in Jaboatao, but I don't know the name of it. There's a large blue church there, that's all I know. It might even be in Recife, I don't know if it's before or after the "Welcome to Jaboatao" sign. 
And of course, to Olinda, for a little heritage. We need to read a book on all these sights. I had to look up why it's a World Heritage sight. And I don't think I found the answer. Because it's old? Does that sound right?
Olinda, where they never sell the same paint color twice.
We taught her about the Frevo. Not much though, just as much as the change we had leftover would buy us. But these kids were pretty good.
And ended the trip with a dooouuuble raiiiinbooow! How magical. This was our view out of our windowless back room. It was all soaking wet from the rain. Turns out it's a good idea to have a window.

I've taken a ton of pictures lately and have some more substantial posts coming up. But for now I'm getting ready for a big work announcement (which involves me sprucing up my other blog). If you're interested in finding out first hand, you can follow the announcement in two tweet chats (just follow #talkNT). Otherwise, I'll be back later this week with posts about campaign season, fishing and mooooore!

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