Friday, June 1, 2012

Bird in the house

People here have a few problems with birds. All the windows are open all day, so I'm not sure how they don't have much bigger problems. There are nets on a lot of windows, but to keep kids from falling out, not birds from coming in. If I were a bird I'd be all up in someone's kitchen eating everything. Apparently people leave their meat out to 'sun', which I haven't seen yet, but I believe they do, and this is just making it easier for the birds. They don't even have to go into the kitchen, just find the right window. Today we saw a HUGE bird, hawk or falcon, some sort of bird of prey, trying so hard to get something out of a window net. I think he eventually got it. I would be pretty terrified if I saw that thing trying to take my lunch. 

So anyways, back to the subject. I'm always trying to get pictures of birds, or at least the birds that I think are different here. The other day we got a bird stuck in our house for a little bit. We saw him come in quick enough to keep him on the porch. He flew around a little bit while I was opening all the windows, and then I snuck off and when I returned he had left. He did poop on the porch though. This bird is called a 'bem-te-vi', because that's the noise it's call resembles. Pretty bird right? There's a video of me getting scared too. Silly bird.

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