Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Couch comes up

We talked about this a while ago, but I never put up the pictures. We live on the 13th floor (did you know that most big buildings in the US don't have 13th floors? I found that out a few years ago taking the stairs in Atlanta. I went as far as to tell the concierge that they had misnumbered the stairwell doors, haha). Okay, so we live on the 13th floor, and Toby's aunt was throwing away two couches, and we said HEY! We'll take two  couches! Well when they arrived Toby was out, and I couldn't figure out exactly what the guys that delivered it were getting at, but pretty much they didn't fit in the elevator. So we had to bring them up another way. What other way? The window way, that's what! So we took the extravagant amount of anchor rope (like 600 meters or something), cut it in four pieces and hauled it up. I was on the ground crew, keeping it from blowing in the wrong porch. Toby and three guys (one is a guy that works at the building, the other was someone's dog walker, and I forget who the last one was, maybe the door guy) pulled it up. It actually went very smoothly. And now we have two more couches! For you to sit on when you come visit, reader.

getting ready to pull!!
Those facial expressions are priceless to me. This is while it's in midair I believe.
Couch, coming up.
And in through the window!

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