Monday, June 11, 2012

Year One

Whooo hoo!
Year one down, billions to go! We had our first anniversary yesterday. Pretty much a normal day for us. Beach time, a beer or two, a nap, dinner at our yummy neighborhood place. Pretty normal. Except year one is done. It's been quite a ride. Toby posted some stats on his facebook, but incase you missed out, we hit up 27 US states, 4 Brazilian states and 6 countries in our first year of marriage. Actually the US states might be a little off. But whatever.

And our tasty cake top traveled with us the whole time. It spent about 6 months in our fridge in Atlanta, then when we moved out mid December and traveled between Florida, Alabama and Virginia on our goodbye tour it came with us. It spent time in many people's freezers, lots of coolers, traveled in my carryon on our first flight to Brazil. Then when we moved mid January it endured the Brazilian summer heat without a freezer for two days (whoops) and then finally came to rest there for the last 4 months. I put it in the fridge to defrost on Saturday. And then we ate it yesterday. It seriously tasted exactly the same. And we also put our cake topper back on. It did all the traveling too. Almost everything that could break off of it did. Toby fell off, I'm hanging on by one arm. All the peaches that weren't wired on fell off. Rough trip!

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