Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazon 3: PIRANHA!!!

Some fishing photos. We were supposed to catch what we eat, but I think the piranha fishing was also just one of the tourist things. Turns out they're extremely easy to catch. They're pretty munchy little guys, so they eat anything. Chicken fat, hotdogs, just the plain hook. You know. Fishing. 

 First catch goes to yours truly. Check out those chompers! Looks like someone needs to go to the dentist. Or not, turns out when they lose a tooth another just grows back. Lucky fishies.
 Second catch: Toby! A different kind of piranha. We caught all sorts of types.

 Our Austrian travelmates. We met them at the lodge and convinced them to go on the survival trip, instead of just the cozy lodge stay. They went and ended up being a bundle of fun.
 Best catch of the trip. The world's biggest fish. Except it's the opposite. What in the world. How did he even catch this fish? It's like the same size as the hook.

 What a handsome guy!
 Our guide Chico! Best guide ever!!!!

 All sorts of kinds of piranhas. We ate everything that we caught. Or at least everything that was big enough to eat. Toby's tiny tiny fish, we let that guy go back.

And after a long day of fishing, relaxing with some beers, telling stories of the giant fish we caught.

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