Thursday, December 13, 2012

Amazon 4: Jungle Part 2

Okay, jungle part two. Stay with me. I'm almost done with these Amazon posts. I mean, unless you guys really like them. Because if you do, I could probably keep this going for years, with the amount of  pictures I took.
 Toby lost his finger in a fight with a caiman!!! He's real bummed about it. It was his favorite nose picking finger too :(
 Lunch. Well, semi-survival lunch. Sardines and mandioc.
 Hearts of palm, straight from the forest!
 Luring a gigantic tarantula out of his big hole.
 Whoooaoa! This thing was like the size of my hand, spread wide open.
 Big trees. Bat below.

 Camp number two and some fish that our guide caught for us for dinner. When we were pressed to actually catch our own dinner we didn't stand up to the challenge. But this is the same kind of fish Toby caught.

 A handstand shot together. Always better together.

 All of this is covered with water for half the year. All the way up to those tree tops.
 How to cross a river without getting wet. Okay. If you want to know that, don't ask any of us. We don't know.
 Shower time.
 Peacock bass, snakehead fish and one other kind for lunch.

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