Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maps of Pernambuco and Brazil!

I really need to print these out so I can study the states. I found these in the cartorio (little government office/registry place) near our house. It was a pretty cool old map, had the climates and all sorts of other info on it. 
 Pernambuco is a goofily long state. The Northeast of Brazil is sort of like the Northeast of the US. Crammed full of all the small states. The rest of the country is pretty regular, except for the more jungly parts, which are bigger states. I'd love to drive all the way west into Pernambuco at some point. We've gone about as far as Caruaru, which if you click on the map, a larger image should pop up, and you should be able to see. It's about a sixth of the state's size off the coast. The terrain changes greatly from our coastal forested (okay, it's not forested anymore, but it should be! It's full of sugarcane now) area to the mountainous arid West.

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