Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh YAY snorkel day!

Okay, so I finally got off my tuckus and got outside to do a little treasure hunting. I've been meaning to do this since Toby and I saw some guys doing it a while back. Pretty much I figure after the weekend, when the beach is packed, I'll hop in the water and find whatever treasures people left behind. Okay, so it's mostly garbage. I don't know how to find the giant diamond rings and emerald earrings that I'm imagining. Maybe something like a mesh basket would work. Just digging my hands in the sand doesn't  quite get anything done. But I'm working on it. So far the coolest things I've found are in the reef area, and they all seem to have been there for a while. Today I found a Strawberry Shortcake hair clip. A while back I found a bouncy ball. These are about as good as it gets.


Today I found three bottles. YAY! One was a pretty little medical looking bottle, which I'm going to keep. The next find was a HALF FULL perfume bottle! Thanks ocean! I'll be smelling good for Toby tonight. Also, food for thought, who brings perfume to the beach? Weird. And then the third and final find (final because it was so great I decided I could head in for the day) was a bottle with a tiny top. So tiny that over time sand got in, but nothing could get out! There was a tiny shell in it, a little plant growing, and I swear a baby hermit crab. It was the most amazing little aquarium!!! But then I accidentally shook it up a bit on the way up the elevator. But the pictures are still kinda neat. Check them out.

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