Friday, March 1, 2013

Brazilian State Flags: Paraiba

Okay, this one, I'm honestly still trying to figure out. Google translate is giving me a pretty odd translation for NEGO. Anyone know more about this flag?

A little backstory on these posts. We've lived in Brazil for about a year now. I can hardly name 5 of the 26 states (and 1 Federal District), much less pick out which flag goes with which. But as a designer, I love flag design and was interested. And I would also love to learn the names and locations of all the Brazilian states. Flags and information found here on Wikipedia. 


  1. As always, Wikipedia comes to the rescue:

    In summary, it refers to a historical incident where the governor rejected (that's where "nego" comes from) the successor appointed by the president.

    1. Thanks so much Andrew! You're such a knowledgable reader, I love when you have answers for me!

    2. It was nothing really. You're too kind! :)