Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We got a puppy

We got ourselves a little Brazilian puppy. She's a lab, so really she's not Brazilian, because I've rarely had a conversation about her that doesn't go like this:

Person: What breed?
Me: Labrador
Person: They're HUUUUUGE
Me: well....
Person: She's going to be GIIIIGAAAANTIC

People are amazed at how big the think she'll be. She won't be small, but for a lab, we think she'll be relatively small. We actually started out with two puppies, but one is living elsewhere now. At the time they were 8 weeks and one was a full kilo more. So the one we have, her name is Sophia, was tiiiny. Someone asked me if her paws were big. They're not.  She's now 14 weeks old and a guy in the building asked me if she was ever going to grow. Haha, it'd be great if she didn't, because she's amazingly cute, but I'm excited to have a real sized dog. (oh, note, I'm writing this draft in January, she'll be older by the time this publishes!)

Now, for the realsies about this. We live in an apartment. Because of puppy parvo virus, we can't take her outdoors until she's fully vaccinated. We're really excited for that day, but for now, we've been doing a pretty good job of keeping her well exercised in the apartment. We go up and down the stairs (we're on the 13th floor, but we go to the 2nd basement, so 15 floors) every day, and she goes to Toby's gym every day. That really wears her out. I really hope we'll be good doggie parents, which right now, to me, equates to getting her enough exercise. I work from home, so hopefully I am smart enough to take the time out of my day to take her on walks.

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