Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rainy Days and Sailboats in Recife

It hasn't been too rainy yet, people have told us the rainy season is starting though. I thought it was a bit later. We'll see. But when it does rain, our street floods like crazy. The dog uses the bathroom in front of the house, but if there is a flash storm, the drains clog up and make our front sidewalk an island. Buses go by and it's tough to take her out to walk without getting a splash of drainage water. 

But the rainy days to make for some beautiful views. Sometimes I still can't get over the view. I'm constantly taking pictures of it. Just waiting for that professional photographer to come live with me so that they can be captured a bit more accurately.

Also there have been quite a few sailboats lately. I think it's something like weekend regattas. Last weekend there was a large group (like 7 maybe) catamarans followed by a much larger (like 20) group of single hulled sailboats. For two weekends there have been large groups like that. And of course plenty of little single sailboats scooting around during the week.

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