Friday, March 1, 2013

A great walk in Candeias

I don't normally describe any of the neighborhoods around us as 'cute'. We live in an area full of high rise condos, so that pretty much settles it right there. They're not cute. But if you wander enough you can find houses, most of which are usually pretty old, holdouts that haven't sold their land to be developed. So they still have big trees, and don't have the 8 foot cement walls that nearly all the new houses have for protection. Yesterday I went to pay bills (here comes a big parentheses topic: paying bills  is so different here than in the US, yowza, but I usually leave feeling like I've conquered the world, so maybe it's a good thing, but, a different post for a different time) and decided to keep walking in the direction I was going, because I knew a grocery store that I wanted to go to was relatively close. I was wrong on that, it was like 2.5 miles away, but it wasn't the destination, it was the journey, right?

I ended up walking through a little old neighborhood in Candeias, which is the neighborhood just south of us. I put up a little google map for you to see. Those are just average distances...The walk must have been at least ten times longer...or maybe it was just a warm day. So anyway, I'm walking through Candeias, and wouldn't you know, it's just the cutest little neighborhood I ever did see. First I walked by this little house that had kittens. There were two old hound dogs guarding the kittens too, which was adorable. But little kittens. I was petting one that was sitting on a pillar, until a dog started barking at me, so I left. I walked by a guy sitting on the corner, and he says 'that's a lot of kittens, right?'. Right! How great.

Then, a little further down, I found a breadfruit! What's the best kind of grocery shopping? The kind where you just find food at your feet as you walk. Wonderful! Then I passed a great adorable little house that was all shaded and hidden by all their trees, and it was for sale. All of the tiles were Brennand tiles (said so in the ad), which I'm just realizing I haven't posted about. Anyway, it was cute. I almost wrote down the number. I told Toby about it last night and he asked if it was on the water. No, but it was close? Does that count?

I ended up waiting in line for 30 or so minutes, to find out the credit card reader was down, so I didn't get what I was wanting (it was flax and cashew flour, incase you're wondering. I can only find it in one grocery store). But on the way back I passed by the kitten house again and saw even smaller kittens. Honestly the smallest kitten I've ever seen. Probably no heavier than a small orange. Tiny!

So it was a good walk. Go find a cute neighborhood for yourself, go for a walk!

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  1. Speaking of making payments, I'll give you my standard advice: have you tried the internet banking? You can make most payments and other banking services online these days.

  2. Hey there! We have tried online banking for as much as we can. But there are still some things that we just haven't gotten to online. But we're working our way there. Plus, a trip to the bank equals one portuguese lesson!