Friday, April 19, 2013

Different kinds of Bananas

Who knew there were different kinds? I guess I thought there were maybe just different shapes, but this one looks totally different. The skin looks different, it's a tooootally different size, and it tastes like a grapefruit! Okay, I lied there. I actually didn't eat one yet, but it probably just tastes like a banana.

-Side note, since I wrote this draft we bought yet another type of banana (let me specify, when I buy bananas, I take a close look at them, pick out ones that look good, and look familiar. My husband grabs a bunch and heads to the checkout, that's how we keep getting these different types of bananas) and the husband normally eats all of the bananas, and this type must have tasted somewhat different, because nearly all the bananas are still in their bowl, brown. Oh well. We'll freeze them and I'll sneak it into food somehow.

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