Friday, April 5, 2013

Water traffic

Our coastal area has a shark problem (read about it here), which doesn't concern us completely because we have a great reef right in front of our house which provides an enclosed swimming area. But locals are super weary about swimming past the reefs. Surfing is prohibited because of the shark attacks, but there are a few beaches where people still do it. Lately I've been seeing other water traffic. These two stand up paddle boarders were out past our reef, headed towards a set of covered reefs (where we've seen tons of sea turtles before, so I totally understand why they were headed that way). I figure if surfing is prohibited, these SUP's probably would be just as easy a target for a shark. I didn't watch them the whole time, so I can confirm that they weren't eaten, but I think they probably survived. We also see windsurfers all the time, but they go SO FAST that I think even a shark would have a tough time catching them. I swear, they must be professional windsurfers or something. 

Also, a cruise ship. I don't remember seeing a ton of them the first year we lived here, but I see them all the time now, I've probably seen like 15 total? They're super pretty traveling at night, with all their lights on. I've taken pictures of them at night, but, haha, the photos are horrible. You'll just have to imagine them.

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