Friday, April 26, 2013

Making Salt

Okay, okay, okay, here's an idea: can I make my own salt? The thought hadn't occurred to me, until I read the first part of the Workshop Info page at Whole Larder Love.

-I don’t believe it’s possible to live completely self sufficiently, however to live semi self sufficiently is within reach for most of us. I’ve no interest in making my own soap, growing paddocks of wheat or harvesting salt from the ocean

I didn't even finished reading. Wait? I can just boil water and make salt? Oh. I. Am. In. Maybe tomorrow I'll head down and gather some water? I can't decide which tide would be cleaner... Low tide the water is very calm, not much gunk, but also there are people bathing in it, and it's more stagnant. High tide it's super churny, probably lots of gunk (of course, I would filter), but it's moving, so clean water could be moving in, right? Any input would be happily accepted. Either way, I'm trying it. I'm follow leads from Not Without Salt's post on her experience harvesting salt.

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