Monday, April 8, 2013

Exorbitant Grocery Prices

We have one really fancy grocery store here, Pao de Acucar. It's got an organic section, but in general everything they have is more expensive, not just the organics. They do offer some things that I have a hard time finding at other stores, which is helpful. And I really love grocery shopping, so I go there a lot. Over Thanksgiving (November) I was on the search for marshmallows. They're pretty simple, and yeah, I know you can make them, but I thought I'd be able to find them in a store. After going to literally (okay, maybe not totally literal, but close!) every chain of grocery store, I finally found them at Pao de Acucar. And the price was ridiculous! I didn't get them (so our canned yams had to go without their delicious marshmallow topping), but really wanted to take a picture. I finally went back and brought my camera. I caught a few more goodies that cost way too much. Mostly from one brand, La Preferida, which is mostly Mexican type food.

Check out these prices (I've roughly translated them to USD so they make more sense):
Canned Nacho Cheese: $11.00
Marshmallows: $13.00
Canned Salsa:  $14.00

Are you kidding me? Canned nacho cheese sauce? I would have thought it would be the 'cheap alternative' to using real cheese, but I think real cheese would be more reasonable in this case. And cheese here isn't cheap, by any means, so that's saying something!

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