Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And now, in no particular order:

Thoughts gathered thoughout the last few weeks:
Also, photos that just haven't made the cut. Or aren't organized enough for a whole post:
What's that? A sunrise, no way! It's a moonrise!

Soup! A really nice guy that works in our building made up soup! How nice? Right?
But we put it in the fridge and it congealed...the whole thing. Like jello soup.
And this piece of "meat" was in it. What is this? Any ideas guys? Because we have no idea. It looked like chicken skin, but had flaps, like pages in a book.
This guy is always sunning on this stump. Every day. I scare him away every day.
Electric lawnmower. That's right, it's plugged into the wall. Who invented a LAWN
(it seems like they'd know you were going to be outdoors) mower that you need a plug for?
*I know I don't speak the language well, but it seems really hard to get what I want to drink either way. With my tutor, the conversation goes a little like this:
Lena: What would you like to drink?
Sarah: Water, please.
Lena: Juice?
Sarah: No, just water, please.
Lena: Coke?
Sarah: Uhhh....
Lena: Guarana? (it's a Brazilian soda)
Sarah: ?

I usually receive anything but water to drink.
This game looks like a lot of fun to play. If you've ever played foursquare, a favorite of mine, it's very similar. Except there are only two squares, and teams of two. But pretty much the object is to get the ball to touch the ground in your opponents square. But it starts with a "serve" like volleyball, and is played like soccer, no hands.
*Above our sink is a shelf, right at forehead height. I hit it all the time. The cabinets in the bathroom extend over the sink knob, so you have to reach under the cabinet to use the sink. The toilet directly faces the shower, with about a foot of wiggle room. I usually slide sideways to get off it. Who built this place? It makes me laugh all the time.

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