Friday, March 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Okay, here she is, all unpacked! Not necessarily where everything should be (like all art is sitting on the floor), but that will come with time. I'm in the market for some rugs, and maybe a new coffee table, I think ours is too small for our giant living room. We're having a tough time fitting our TV where it's supposed to go (in the TV room! We have a TV room, how neat is that!). We might have to cut out the middle of a shelf. But we're not sure if that means the rest of the shelf will fall down. Trial and error. I guess that might be our process.

Also, my 'office' is in the living room, which is fine, but I went to plug in my computer and found that there are no grounded outlets in the living room. So that got me looking. There are absolutely no outlets in the whole living room and about a 10 foot reach beyond. I've only found ONE grounded plug in the whole apartments (except for, I assume, the outlets that the fridge and washer are plugged in to), in the larger guest bedroom. What in the world? This apartment is hilarious sometimes.

Here are some pictures of the house:
There's so much space between the chairs and the coffee table... Maybe a rug will bring it all closer together? Also, that nice red bookshelf, that's most likely not it's permanent home. 
OH the start of a garden! Cilantro is sold in the grocery store with the roots attached, so I thought it's try and revive it. Mint and rosemary I bought yesterday for $2 (about $1.65 USD) and in the toilet paper tubes: papaya!
Giant TV would go right in the middle here... Taking out most of the middle shelf. Also, see those light bulbs off the ceiling? Any ideas on how to cover those guys up? I like the eco-friendly bulbs, but not how they stick out.
After the TV goes in I'm rearranging all this stuff, which I think is so much fun to do.
So much shelving and storage in this place. This feels a little cluttered to me right now, but it'll get there.
The room with the only grounded outlet. Also the bedroom with the best view. So maybe it would make a good office? But also if guests come, it's the room they'll be staying that means no office while guests are in.  
The smaller guest bedroom. I made great covers for the AC holes, but they don't like to stay in while the wind is blowing. I'll revamp them later.
Our bedroom. It's mostly bed.
The kitchen. It's a super old style kitchen... But TONS of storage. Shelves as far as the eye can see.

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