Friday, March 2, 2012

Guess what we saw this morning?

We take a walk on the beach almost every morning. We've seen lots of washed up fish, some really neat ones (like a puffer fish, a boxfish or cowfish of sorts, lots of crabs), but today we saw something that I think/hope we might never see again. A turtle head! Just the head. It was about the size of a grapefruit, and then had it's neck and everything too. We guessed that someone caught the turtle and threw back the head. Sad, but I guess there aren't many rules/enforcement of rules around these parts.
Look at that sweet little face. Or...actually. He looks mad. Mad that someone cut his brother's head off!
I think it was a green sea turtle. Not sure. Anyway, here are some links to Sea Turtle Conservancy programs, incase any of you are interested:

See Turtles
NOAA Fisheries
Conserve Turtles
Bonaire Turtles

Also, for any of you coastal folks, look into egg hatching programs, or helping with them, I guess. When I was in high school and college (Gulf Shores, AL and Savannah, GA) I was on a signup list that would be called when sea turtle eggs were hatching. You would go help guide the sea turtles to the water. I never got called, but I always thought it sounded like fun.

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