Monday, March 5, 2012

Another food post.

Hey, me talking about food again?You've got to be kidding me. Okay, well I am. Below is the rundown from this week's food talks. First, guava, not that great fresh. It's got these seeds! Darn seeds! They're like little rocks! Next, we went to fondu with some family. Toby's told me since we've met that we'll go, and he finally made good on the promise. It was the meat in oil kind of fondu. I'd like to try the cheese too, but I was so full when we left that I was very happy we only ordered meat. Then some beach food, a meal at Aunt Solange's house (it was reeeally good), dessert food, etc. Most of the pictures have self-explanatory captions.
Remember that goiaba (guava) that broke the bank (okay, it was only a dollar or so). This is it. 
Fondu! See the flat grill thing to left with meat, and pot of boiling oil in the center. Also, Toby's cousin Pedro and his girlfriend Pamela. Very fun folks, and around our age. Yay!
Look at that hunk of meat! Okay, the one on the skewer, but the guy is too right?
Finally, more in our fridge than just eggs. Contents: Beer! Cokes! sausages, cheese, quail eggs, guava paste and lots of  chopped up melon.

Fried fish from a beach vendor. We've had these guys a few times now, and they are DELICIOUS! They're on my list of must-eat visitor foods, for when all of you come visit.

Fried plantains. I've started frying regular bananas too, because they're all over down here, and lots of people fry them. Pretty tasty treats.
OH MAN! I forget the name of this dish, but it was sort of like a stew. Like 5 different kinds of meat, potatoes, carrots, lots of stuff. Then a hard boiled egg, rice greens too. Voted one of our best meals here so far.

And of course, dessert. YUM-O. 

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