Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gone Fishin'

Hey yall! We got a new boat! It's a pretty sweet little yacht, in a beautiful turquoise blue with a yellow bottom. We haven't named her yet, but on the drawing board are: Blue Footed Booby, Suzi, the Minnow. All sorts of good names out there, it'll be hard to come up with something that we like and is somewhat readable down here (where they ain't speaking the right language). Here she is in all her glory:
That's a pretty sweet weed wacker motor, eh?
The gal with all her riggings, two anchors, keel and rudder (used to be a sailboat), live well (it's just a hole in the boat), and long sticks to steer with incase we run out of motor.
This sucker is really hard to steer. And keep in the water. I'm putting all my dirty-shirted might into it.
Some catches if the day. Nothing big enough to eat yet, but we're getting there. 
Rolling her up on the beach on coconut trunks. This image is misleading; it takes about 7 men to roll it.
Our fishing paddles. 
PUUUUFFER FIIISH! We caught three of these our first time out.
Fellow fishermen, to give you an idea of what the boat looks like in the water. Looks like a door, no?

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