Monday, April 16, 2012

Brasilia 2: Tomato and Corn Plants

Well, I always write in the captions under the pictures any way. So go ahead and read those. I won't even trouble you with words here.
Tomato processing plant. Like the kind that makes the same kind we buy at the grocery store. How neat is that!?!
Some jarred tomato sauce here is sold in these great glass cups that you can use afterwards. This is them getting washed. And Toby's wonderful hair-netted head.
The jars swirl on that corkscrew on the right, then get capped behind that silver box.
And then they get washed. Some caps popped off, and some had tomato on the side. The conveyor belt behind the rubber flaps was about 30 feet long. They really washed those suckers.
The ear goes in (lady with green cloves is picking out some) through the shoot, where the kernels drop down, and the bare husk comes out. They use the husk to create energy for the plant (they burn it).
She was the only smiley worker I saw. It was really hot in there. But her job also looked like a lot more fun.
See that shine? It's sweat. I was hot.
Some boss guy ate some, so Toby did too. It's canned fresh off the husk. Toby said it tasted good. 
From the outside.

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