Sunday, April 15, 2012

A post with no pictures

We're in Rio right now and I don't have the cord to upload any pictures. Also we're not done with the trip yet, so I don't know what other great things I'll see. But for now I'm going to write down what we've seen, because most of it I haven't gotten great pictures of.

Leeet's see... We arrived here on a 5AM flight, which means we got to see the sunrise from the airplane, which was nice. We went straight to a cliff to go...HANGLIDING! Well I went hang gliding, Toby went para gliding since he had never done that before. Both were awesome. There are a lot of pictures, so more on that later. After that we were picked up by the world's happiest Brazilian (a friend of Toby's parents) and she brought us to her house, where we're staying, for breakfast. Deeelicious, like Brazlilians do: coffee, cheese, bread, fruit, juice, anything else I would have asked for I'm sure I would have received. We then watched her play a little tennis (okay, maybe this post isn't the most exciting one ever), and she's really good. I've mostly seen my family play tennis, and although I think we have a few good players mixed in there, they always have to play with the rest of us, who are horrible... So this lady we're staying with (Suely is her name) seemed semi-pro! Then she took us on a great city tour. We saw the Sugarloaf (big ole rock, we're not sure why it's named like that), downtown Rio, the largest slum in Rio, and the largest slum in South America. Rio is a really beautiful city. We're much further south than where we live, but it's surprisingly hot! Much hotter than Recife. Or at least it seems.

Okay... well, this is a horrible post. Breakfast is on the table (again), and we're off to see the Christ statue (which was a gift from France, who knew?), and do some other things, but I'm not sure what.

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