Monday, April 9, 2012

A few things

A still haven't gotten to my old photos, and I don't have enough common photos for a full themed post. And maybe I just don't have a good idea either. So here we go with this. Happy Easter. That just happened, so it's a good topic. We went to the beach, had some beers, fried fish and made pizza for dinner. Peeps for dessert, thanks to Mom and Dad. Because we didn't have any family around, and aren't sure about what church/where to go to church, it wasn't the most 'Easter-y' Easter. But we talked to family on Skype, so there was still that aspect.

Most everyone we know here is Catholic, and I'm pretty sure they know we're Catholic too. But as much and they all carry around their rosaries and say their prayers, no one has invited us to church. Maybe it's not a thing to do here. I haven't even heard a mention of going to church, but again, possibly people here are just more spiritual in general and don't feel the 'you're-supposed-to-go-to-church'-ness that Americans feel. I have no idea. Eventually I'd like to find my way over to a church. I used to be able to say the rosary in Spanish, so a full mass in Portuguese should be a breeze, right?

Okay, okay, I'm getting to the point, the pictures. They'll be below, but first, another note: we're going to Brasilia (the capital of Brasil) and Rio de Janeiro later this week. Just for a few days, and a lot of it's for work, but we're pretty excited. We'll be doing some sugar cane research in Brasilia and sightseeing in Rio. To let you know where we are on the map, Brasilia is 2,100 km southwest from us. Rio is 2,300 km south down the coast of Brasil from us. Brasilia and Rio are 1,100 km apart. So we'll be flying to the interior, back to the coast, and then home up the coast. But all far away.

Finally: here are the pictures:
I walked to the airport to pick up Toby when he came back from the states. I saw the first protected sea turtle  nest on the way (the walk to the airport ain't shabby). There are sea turtles EVERYWHERE (I mean, in the water, not so much walking around the streets), so I've been surprised to not see more of these. 
On my walk I also saw this amazing beehive! I've never seen a real natural beehive in person. First one. Very cool, right? I'd like to climb that tree and get me some honey.
Also on the walk: passed by the Recife 4X4 club. This was one little guy parked on the street. 
Haha, an Easter surprise! Something I'm sure I'd never see in the US, a feather stuck inside by package of eggs. 

Toby's pizza: Brazilian sausage, ham and mozzarella. And lots of sauce. 
My pizza: half two-cheese white (mozz and quiejo do coalho, a brazilian cheese), which was the least favorite, and half Hawaiian: red sauce, fresh pineapple and ham.

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