Monday, April 23, 2012

Rio II: Around Town

The Sugarloaf. We couldn't figure out why it's called that. My guess is that it looks like a loaf of bread (there are a lot of mountains that look like these) and the sand around it looks like sugar? I thought it was a good guess.
Pretty boats near the Loaf. Lots of rock climbers on these rocks too.
Look at the size of those COCONUTS!
At the Sugarloaf again. with a coconut. 
Christ-ola in the haze. It was hazy the whole time we were there. This was taken from the spot where the coconut pictures were taken, to give you some perspective/city layout. 
Grreat dinner with our crazy gracious host, Suely, a college friend of Tim and Silvana's (Toby's parents)
Suely told us this was the largest 'favela' in the city. We also passed another one, that I think was the largest favela in South America. They really are beautiful when you look up close. Lots of color and sound and red clay roofs. 
Handstands! With Jesus!!!
And me, the opposite view, Sugarloaf! This was a helicopter pad to take people up to the Christ.
Look at us being smiley.
Jesus's backside. I'll give a little history, how about that? The Christ was a gift from.... a church? From THE church, I believe. But it's from France, we think.There were three mountains it was considered to be put on, and they chose the tallest. Methinks a good choice. Then there's a whole story about the carving and stuff like that... It's supposed to be a visible sign of the church from any distance, ie from far away, it just looks like a cross. 
Toby kind of laughed at me when I stopped to take a picture of this plant, but there were tons of other people doing the same thing.
What a crazy plant!
Now tell me that's not the best picture we've put on this blog. Me on left, Toby on right. Holding up Jesus!!! Come on, what a great picture!!!!
Handstands with the big guy. After that we attended mass, right behind us!
This is some crazy tree bark I saw on the side of the road. We were in traffic so I got out and took a picture.


  1. hey, loving the blog, reading all entries at the moment... here is a sugarloaf:

    They say long time ago at some distance from the sea, at a particular time, the sugarloaf mountain looked a bit lighter than the rest as well :)

    See yeah

    1. Thanks... Glad you are enjoying the blog! Thanks for the link to the Sugarloaf! We love Rio and are headed to the Amazon in November!