Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We were at Porto de Galinhas, a nice touristy city a little south of where we live. I was out snorkeling and saw an octopus! Yowza! I see some cool stuff out there, but this was probably the coolest. He was white and smooth when I caught him swimming, and he got scared and swam down to this piece of seaweed. Once he was down there he immediately got National Geographic on me and turned textured and speckled brown. It was amazing. I had to dive down to get the picture, so I missed the picture of him really textured looking. It was amazing. Then he spread out like this, my guess is to look big and scary. He was about 2 feet all spread out. Then he swam away. So I went to swim away and swam through his ink that he squirted earlier that I hadn't noticed! (the whole sighting was like 15 seconds, so the ink was still hanging in the water. Or at least I think it was ink, looked like oil?).

Also, my sister in law noted how this may be a special octopus, we can't find the 8th leg. Only 7. Let me know if you see 8. I don't.

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