Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fishing for Sea Urchins

I've been wanting to eat a little off the land for a long time. I tried it when we lived in Atlanta, but didn't ever get too much cool stuff. Mainly greens that you normally wouldn't eat. Okay. Dandelion greens. That's pretty much all I ever found, mostly because I was terrified that I would eat a false something or other and die. Or kill my husband. I'd never live that down. And another thing that I was missing, that is a favorite of Toby's is protein. I'm not much of a hunter, and fishing in Atlanta was tough to come by.

But here! Here there is an ocean right in front of me, begging to be fished! So next week, I'm going to try to catch a sea urchin. I figure, since they just sit there, the catching part should be relatively easy. The cooking, or lack of, I guess, seems pretty simple too. I'll give it a try with maybe two the first time, and if husband and I like them, I think maybe we'll have sea urchin every now and then. Sound good?

I've checked the tidal chart, and next Thursday I think I should be able to swim around early enough in the morning that not too many people will be watching. It's not illegal or anything, just weird I think. Lunch is our big meal, and we normally have soup for dinner, so I'm not sure when I'll serve them. Probably cooked in butter with toast? Sound good, Bobby Flay?

Cross your fingers that they taste good.

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