Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ilha de Itamaraca & Fort Orange

We had some of my childhood friends as guests during New Year's. They had done a ton of research before they came, and had so many touristy places to visit on their list that we'd never even heard of (or, I guess I hadn't heard of, Toby knows the area a lot better). One of the places was Ilha de Itamaraca, an island. There is an old dutch fort there, Fort Orange, a small beach, and a little town. We ended up never making it to the small town, but instead went to a little lake, called Blue Lake, which was great! It had a zipline (and the shakiest structure I've ever been on holding it up), and around the lake there was a little snack bar, and maybe a little hotel, I forget. The zipline was R$5 (so, like USD$2.50) so we all did it. Affordable fun. After a full day of sweating and salt water, the lake was reeeefreshing. A good place to visit, but we'll have to see the downtown too sometime to get the full impression.

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