Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You got a hole in the road?

If you live in Brazil, you just fill it with stuff. This one actually has a sign. 'Operation "tapa" Hole'. I didn't know what the world 'tapa' meant, so I just now google translated it. It says it means slap. Haha, Operation Slap the Hole. That's right, they just don't like them here. Holes. I don't even know how holes this big get in the roads in the first place.

Holes tend to stay for a long time. For the first few months (like 4?) we lived here I walked past a leaky hole on the way to the grocery store every day. It ran a consistent stream of water for like 4 months. Then for like two weeks there were guys in the hole fixing it. It's still a little bit of a hole, but they fixed the leak.

But where I was getting, normally, if there is a hole (I guess this one was big enough to warrant a sign) they just shove some stuff in it until it's tall enough to stick out of the top. Like palm branches is a normal thing. It's so people don't see the hole and drive into it. Makes sense, right?

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