Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And we're here, with internet, and almost fully functional.

We were in airports/on airplanes for a full 24 hours on our way here. There are faster ways to get here, but not many cheaper ones. Lots of family came to pick us up, including Solange, Marcelo, Aida, Pedro, Duda, and Renata. This is just to give you an idea of the names here. It's a pretty bad representation, as we've met many Albert, Rachel, Anthony and Rogers.

We had a pretty huge amount of luggage, plus 12 bottles of booze from the duty free shop (gifts, not all for us), but all of that luggage seemed the norm. 

Our house was nearly completely empty, so the first two days we bought a stove/oven, fridge, one luxurious A/C unit for our bedroom, and washing machine. After one pretty horrible night sleep on a blowup mattress and couch, we broke down and bought a bed and pillows. 

I'm writing this post one week into our stay. We just got internet today, so I'll be back tracking with a few posts. Buuut, because it's a blog, and this is the first post I'm writing down here, it will be read last. Oh well.
Also, mail! ALREADY! Yippie-yi-yay! Who knew we could get mail this fast? Word on the streets was it was impossible. Thanks cuz!

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