Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The reef

This is my first attempt with our new underwater camera, so just know there will be better pictures. As soon as my snorkel gets here.

This is probably the best part of where we live. There is a coral reef in our front yard. One of the worst parts of where we live is that it's not protected or taken care of at all. There are lots of live corals living on it, but a few days ago we met a 'fisherman' who was taking chunks for aquariums. AAAND he was taking marine animals too! He had a sea slug when we saw him, and I sort of foolishly asked him about this crazy cool specimen of a slug that was in front of me, and he took that too. And this is sort of normal practice here.

Oh well... I will learn the language and tell the bad people to stop stealing from the reef.
Also... below is a picture I found online of the slug I pointed out to the bad man. It's about the size of a small person's thumb and leaves a trail of goo. How do I know? I picked it up... Is that bad? I hope not!

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