Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One last post to catch us up to speed.

Some notes on what we've been up to:

-Sarah attends her first class with a portugues tutor (like the first day of school picture?)

- We sat in on Toby's cousin's Jui-Jitsu class. We're both thinking about doing it... maybe. The thought of being caught in a headlock with a complete stranger who I do not share a common language with is my only opposition.

-We've played two good games of Scrabble and I hope will eventually try to play in portugues.

-Have done some laundry, and air dried with our neat system of ropes and pulleys. 

- Have tried a few new fruits: Spanish Melon (I guess that's what it's called in English), jaca, and a small orangish fruit which we can't describe the taste of and do not know the name of. They are all good, except the jaca is a little slimy, so I don't know if I'd buy that. But if I saw it growing on a tree, and I could take it for free? I would eat it then.

That's all for now. Will have more organized and logical posts next time.

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