Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We are finally on the move

We're out! Out of Atlanta at least. We are now residents of JFK, for about 7 hours, until we head to Rio, the end in Recife. Our total time of travel will be 24 hours. Haha, I guess that's what it takes to travel cheap.

I still can't seem to understand much Portuguese. I couldn't understand the lady we talked to about our flight, the people in line with us, Toby when he's talking to people. Hopefully that will change. Or I'll just be very silent. Until I figure it out. Which hopefully will be soon.

One last tidbit, as I don't have much to talk about now: India seems like it would be a place full of really interesting people. But I sure wouldn't want to take the flight there. We're sitting next to a flight to India and the line is HUGE!

Here are some farewell pictures of us. Goodbye friends and family, we'll miss you, hello Skype.

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