Wednesday, January 25, 2012


And lots of it. Our first 4 or 5 days were full of rain. Not that we minded, it lowered the temperature to about 27 C. The first two nights the storms had amazing gusts of wind, strong enough to wake me up, get me out of bed and coerce me to sleep on the couch (in our TV room, which is windowless). The drops of rain seemed smaller for a while, and we had a theory that it could be because the people here are much smaller (Toby and I are tall!), but then the rain came stronger, and we decided the droplets seemed normal.

5th day here, the storms were the worst yet. We had a palm in our courtyard break in half from wind gusts. I think it might have been damaged or sick also, but impressive, nonetheless. There were a few offshoots growing from the tree, so we took one for a houseplant. Our first plant! And the best kind too: free.

Amidst the rain, day 4 we decided that it was about time we headed out to the beach. It was time to stop being wimpy and just hang out in the rain. It doesn't seem to lightning here much (we haven't seen any at all in 5 days of rain), so there wasn't much to worry about. It was a good idea to get out, and it started the beginnings of a daily schedule for us, which includes waking at 7ish, working out/playing on the beach until 8:30, showers and breakfast. That's all we have down so far, the rest has been moving and meeting relatives and buying things.

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