Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't worry guys, we will not go hungry here

It's really hard to find a place in this area where food for sale isn't more than 20 feet away from you. Everywhere we go there are vendors, which I like, but it also leads to more eating. Yesterday's lunch (we still don't have all our cooking stuff, so we're eating out a little bit) on the beach was 4 kebabs: chicken, chicken hearts, beef and a hotdog. Then from a different vendor a popsicle, and yet another vendor a beer. They all come to you. It's great.

Dinner last night was a feast. I'm not quite comfortable enough to order at a restaurant, and I also can't really read the menus. So Toby orders for both of us (although I did manage to order myself a water, yay me!). The item he picked serves 4 people. There were two of us. We came home with a ton of leftovers. 

The dish we got was matatao, which if you break it down is: matata=restaurant name, the ending ao=HUGE. Two dishes of rice with meat in it, two dishes of black eyed peas, a bowl of french fries, and a bowl of macaxeira (a veerrrry starchy root vegetable) fries, two bowls of vinaigrette (which is like salsa, but with, you guessed it, more of a vinaigrette dressing), and two bowls of farofa, which is a semi tasteless ground up grain of sorts. It's not my favorite, but I try it everywhere I go. The meat selection was comprised of many of the common meats here: picanha (beef with a large strip of fat on the side, very tasty), carne de sol, linguica (we had two kinds, but it's just sausage), HALF a chicken (it was a big dinner) and another beef whose name we cannot remember. I didn't have my camera with me, so you'll have to deal with this picture from the internet. This is sort of what our dinner was like. Just multiply it times three or four.
Leftovers from dinner. Below: the view of our building from our pool, then the next picture is the view of the beach from the same spot.

The meat kebab truck with the view of our building from the beach behind (I'll get a better one from all the way out on the reef, I didn't have my shoes this time), then next picture picole (popsicles).
Aaaand, just for fun: some of the hermit crabs from our "front yard". It's  video.

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