Monday, August 20, 2012

Election Time!!!

Well folks, it's voting season. 
It's really hard not to notice, too. Every available wall (almost every building has an 8ft cement wall around it, so there are lots of walls) has been whitewashed and logo-ed for whomever's campaign. They two big elections (I guess) are vereador (city council) and prefeito (mayor). We don't watch TV, so I'm not sure if there is advertising on TV, but when you walk down the street, it's impossible not to pass about a million campaign signs. It's really hilarious. 

Also, my favorite thing about the elections (since I don't vote here, my favorite thing is something unpolitical) is the election song each candidate has. It's something catchy, like each candidate has a number, say 1234-56, and they make a song that goes like this:

Saaaaraaaaaaaah, she's your best caaaaaandidateeee, voooote for vote for vote for SARAH! Sheee's 1234-56, 1234-56, and say it one more time, sheeeee's 111112233333334- 566666!!!!!

Pretty much the idea of it is take whatever car you have, take the biggest speaker you have, cover it in plastic, and strap it to the top of you car. The incumbents have pretty sweet systems, but the newbies have really rough looking music cars. The election isn't until November, we think, so I'll post more on this, as it is a hilarious topic. See these pics and a vid for now.

Also notice the large flag that says GREVE, that means strike. Apparently the civilian police on this road are on strike.
Humberto's stretch of logos like this goes on for about a mile.
Now I don't want to confuse you, this is a professional music truck, most candidates don't have this sort of music. It is playing a campaign song right now, but all the other months of the year it plays ads. I've been trying to get a video. Soon. They're hilarious.


  1. That is an awesome roadside picture. Have you seen any of the people with ginormous balloons yet? They're paid pennies an hour to stand out in the hot sun and hold giant balloons with the candidates' names/faces/numbers on them.

    Hi, by the way :-) I'm another American in Brazil, found you through Rachel's blog. My husband and I aren't too far from you (we're in Salvador) so if you ever come down to Bahia, drop me a line!

    1. Hey Shayna! Thanks!

      We should do visits...You guys come here and we go there...that way there is just the cost of the flight!

      I will check out your site as well!

      Thanks for the note!