Wednesday, August 15, 2012

O-lympics in Brazil

Well, maybe I should have posted this earlier, as I'm pretty sure the Olympics are ending soon. I love the Olympics, but we didn't really get the best viewing experience (we'll fix that in 2016 when they're in Rio!!!). We don't have any access to US cable programming, so we couldn't get anything with commentary from the US, also, I saw maybe one or two events from the US in general. The countries that I found broadcasting live, free, and on the internet were showcasing odd countries. We watched the whole Italian and Polish gymnastics teams? Or something like that. On Brazilian TV. Why were they featuring those countries, I have no idea? Anyway. I did find one Canadian broadcaster, and two Brazilian ones. The Canadian one I never watched, but both Brazilian channels were great (on the internet). They had lots of live feeds, and although they were goofy choices of countries, it was good broadcasting. Although most of them had no commentary at all. The Olympics are so different when you're pretty much watching it on mute. But still good. We watched a lot of Judo. But without sound, and when we did have it, in Portuguese, we're still not sure how you win.
We had a little US flag from 4th of July or something, but no Brazilian flag (oddly enough, we have a full size Brazilian flag though) so I made us one. I like the Brazilian one way more.
OOOH DANG! Nice glasses, right? Made them myself. Can you tell?

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