Friday, August 17, 2012

Some random images from the last few weeks

There's a huge Mormon population here. Our first few weeks in the country I noticed it a ton. Lots of guys with black pants, white shirts and ties. This is the Mormon Temple in Recife. It's really beautiful, so sorry for the bad picture.
This is a museum...I think. We drive by it on the way to a friend's house. Eventually I will stop the car and see what it's all about.
There was a beautiful sunset, but I couldn't figure out the settings on my camera, and by the time I did, it was below the horizon. So here are two decent ones. But it was way more impressive (as most sunsets are) in person.

This little bird was sitting down at the pool, soaking up the sun. 
And so was this little bird. Just minding his own business, when all of the sudden...
Giant monster Toby attacked!!! What a jerk! Picking on things way smaller than him. Don't worry, the picture looks like he got the bird, but he didn't. The bird was fine.

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