Thursday, February 2, 2012


This post is going to be a little themed. How about that? Something other than rambling thoughts? Man, you guys are lucky.

Here it is, what we're thankful for here: I think I'll go in chronological order

Thanks Uncle Dave for sending us/me Fordlandia. For those of you who don't know it's a book about an American utopian village Henry Ford tried to build in the Amazon. There are a lot of references to Northeast Brazil, which is where we're living, so it's a very interesting read.

Thanks TAM airlines for getting us down here and giving me a sweet in-flight magazine that has articles in both Portugues and English! NEAT! Also on this note, a big UN-thanks to TAM for giving us seats with broken TVs on a 10 hour flight. Other than that, for those of you visiting us in Brazil, I recommend them.
Flash cards I've made, a letter from the states, on top of Fordlandia, on top of our neighbor's old newspaper! Errr, also, sorry for sideways photo... I thought I could rotate, but apparently I cannot.
Let's seee, thanks for the two letters we've gotten, it is really fun to get mail. Thanks Mom and Dad Watson for our mail, we got it, and in RECORD breaking speed: 5 days!

Thanks to my Portugues tutor for helping me understand a little more Portugues, but loooots of thanks to Toby for being my dictionary/translator/tutor, even if that means I'm wrong fairly often.

Left paragraph in Portugues, right in English, thanks TAM! A really well designed magazine, with really nice articles too.
Thanks Skype! Oh Skype, you make it so easy to talk to our friends and families, we sure do enjoy your service. I hope you are free forever.

Let's see, one last one. Thanks new neighbors for recycling your old newspapers. We don't mind getting the news one day late....

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