Monday, September 24, 2012

Farms 1

So we've been looking at some farms lately. Just for fun, seeing some local real estate. They're super beautiful, and the countryside is so different than the beach. Also it sort of gives us a view into a different lifestyle. Sort of the farmer/gardener, 'interior' (that's what they call the area of the country inland) life. We both enjoy gardening (okay, I like to garden, Toby likes to watch), and working with our hands, so maybe someday this will be something we do. The first farm we looked at was a pousada in it's previous life, a little hotel. Now it houses a family who maintain the land and make a small profit on the produce they grow. After touring the property, which was expansive and full of fun plants, cows and little surprises, the owners sent us away with more produce than we knew what to do with. Pretty fun.
 These were the family's little gardens, this one has lettuce, chives and cilantro. In the background there are some of the hotel rooms. What a fun straight little garden. Not exactly how I grow mine.
 Another part of the garden, cilantro and lettuce, and the back of the main house. The bigger part, which you can't see was two stories. Super cute. I can't remember what that tree is in the foreground, but the back right is a mango. This property had 12 or so.
 Another view. On second thought, that tree in the foreground right is some sort of citrus. I think the foreground left was a lime. Maybe. Lime trees here look different than the ones I'm used to.
 We found a whole stack of these old hotel check in pages on the ground. I wish I would have taken a ton of them, since they were just sort of in a trash pile. I did pick up one, and the check in date was 1980. Neat!
 Hahaha, I have no idea what was going on with their chickens, but they were looking pretty rough. Someone give those chickens a sweater!
 Oooh, peeling paint. Pretty right? I would have taken this building in any of those colors!
 Toby and some type of hundred year/agave plant. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, it was around 10 feet tall.
 Another one.

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