Friday, September 21, 2012

Farms 2

Okay, I just realized that I wrote these drafts out of order. Farms 2 is going before farms 1. Whoops.

Either way, we've been looking at farm properties. Mostly because we like to look at real estate, secondly because we like farms. From the point that the photo below was taken you can see the ocean, although you're pretty far (45 minute drive inland) from it. It was a really beautiful property. We loved it.

Pineapples!!! Apparently pineapples take 18 months to grow (from planting to harvest) and like to grow on hillsides. We can't figure out why they're so cheap. 18 months? That's such a long time! But maybe they're cheap because they take up that farming real estate (hillside) that would otherwise be unused? Who knows. Delicious either way.

 This property had over 150 palm trees that delivered most of the income for the farm (along with the pineapples) but on the side they also grew pretty much every other tree fruit you could think of, and lots of crops on the ground. In the background of this picture you can see macaxeira, a root vegetable, in the foreground corn. The farmer who works the land made a joke with us that this was Brazilian corn, not US corn, so it was only going to grow this tall, not 10 feet tall like in the US. I laughed a little at that. Fertilizers. Hah. On the left and right in the photo are mango trees.
 Baby palm trees. These types of coconut-bearers have a fruit bearing expectancy of about 20 years, so they were just replanting the land.
 Brazilian corn. So short you could take a picture over it. Just kidding. I think it was just young. I'm sure it'll grow to the height that it's supposed to grow to. Which I have no idea what that is.
This is the macaxeira, with the house in the background.

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